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Welcome to Osteria Giro di Vite

The history of Italian rail has played a major part in our choice of location for your new restaurant. You will find us right in front of the original site of the famous railway station of Monchiero-Dogliani. The restaurant was once a popular destination for commuters. People would meet up here, exchange local news and enjoy quality refreshments together. During the 1950’s, there were other claims to fame! The presidential train of the President of the Republic, Luigi Einaudi, would make its regular stops here. He was of local origins with great loyalties to this area. The first track from Bra to Ceva was commissioned as early as 1874 and was one of the longest established rail links in Piemonte. For the next 60 years, it remained the only rail connection between Torino and Savona. Then, in 1933, it was superceded by the more direct and more rapid two-way track Fossano to Ceva and Ceva to Fossano via Mondovi. The old connection between Bra and Ceva became gradually less and less viable as a commercial proposition. It was finally closed on 4th November 1994 when the River Tanaro flooded its banks, creating terror and havoc and immense damage to the track and to its facilities. The line remained closed and unused for the next eight years. Giovanni Bottini is now mayor of the local town of Monchiero, but earlier when he was a local councillor, he submitted a proposal to convert the old railway-line into a cycle track, and his plan was accepted on 24th of July 2002.

When the new track from Ceva to Bra opens to the public, it will provide 36 wonderful kilometers of uninterrupted cycling. Further extensions to Pollenzo and to Alessandria will be added later, making it one of the most impressive cycle routes in all Europe. So where do we fit into all this? We are your new restaurant. We are here. We are priming our stoves. We have broad smiles and we are waiting to bid you a special and very warm Italian welcome! Do come and see us. We’d love to look after you!

History and Traditions


we are active from 50 years

The tradition of our forefathers has never ended even if we are not the same persons anymore. Still today, we can offer typical cuisine from Piedmont combined with our excellent and local wine from Langhe. In our inn the atmosphere is always homey and cosy and during the summertime we lay the tables outside, in a gorgeous dehors. Here you can taste the pleasant hand made Raviolini al Plin, the Maltagliati and the Gnocchi (potato dumplings). Also the esteemed meat from La Granda (which is under Slow Food protection), the dishes of the season are the Bunet are never missing, and if you come in the right time of year you could try the famous truffles from our hills...!
We offer high quality at the right price..

From Wednesday to Sunday

Lunch: from 12:00 to 14:00


Dinner: from 20.00 to 22.00

Monday and Tuesday



Open only by reservation